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Problems Registering


A number of people are having a problem when they try to register. If you do not remember your password from last year, you must just change your user name on page 1 of the registrtation. The system will automatically populate with your email address. Just change the user name to something else and choose a password. You can then proceed to the next screen.

This holds true if you are trying to register more than one child. The software will automatically use your email address as your user name, but you need a unique user name for each child. If you get an error message saying your ID already exists, simply change your user name on the first page of the registration screen to something else you can remember and then you should be able to proceed.

You can still use your current email address in any field called Email Address. You just cannot have it as a user name for more than one child.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and are working with our software vendor to correct this problem.

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